ICDCS 2002


The 22nd International Conference on

Distributed Computing Systems


July 2-5, 2002 - Vienna, Austria

Review Guidelines

Program Committee
Call For Papers
Review Guidelines
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All papers received will be reviewed by the program committee. In general, each paper, will be assigned to a primary vice chair (from the main area of the paper) and a secondary vice chair (from a related area). The vice chairs will review the paper along with the area committee. At least 3 reviews will be obtained for each paper.

The papers will be reviewed with regards to:
  - Originality
  - Relevance to the Conference
  - Presentation
  - Significance to research
  - Correctness

Each paper will be assigned an "overall rating" which will be used, along with the ratings on the above area, and the reviewer comments to select papers for presentation. All decisions will be made at the Program Committee Meeting.

All papers accepted will go though a rigorous review process, and will be discussed at the program committee meeting, attended by at least all the Vice Chairs.


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