ICDCS 2002


The 22nd International Conference on

Distributed Computing Systems


July 2-5, 2002 - Vienna, Austria

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The selection process was very competetive. Due to time and space limitations, we could only choose a small number of the submitted papers to appear on the program. From 331 submitted papers, only 61 papers have been accepted as full papers, and only an additional 15 papers have been accepted as short papers. 

Long papers

Short papers



Paper #4: The Transition from Asynchronous to Synchronous System
Operation: An Approach for Distributed Fault-Tolerant
Systems. Authors: Wilfried Steiner, Michael

Paper #18: Improving the Scalability of Fault-Tolerant Database
Clusters: Early Results. Authors: R. Jimenez-Peris, M. Patino-Martinez,
B. Kemme, G. Alonso

Paper #22: Partial Database Replication using Epidemic Communication.
Authors: JoAnne Holliday, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi

Paper #36: Cost-Effective Switching Fabrics with Distributed Control
for Scalable Routers. Authors: Nian-Feng Tzeng and Malcolm

Paper #40: On Channel Adaptive On-Demand Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc
Mobile Computing Networks. Authors: Xiao-Hui Lin, Yu-Kwong KWOK, and
Vincent K. N. Lau 

Paper #76: Accelerating Internet Streaming Media Delivery using Network-aware Partial Caching. Authors: Shudong Jin, Azer
Bestavros, Arun Iyengar 

Paper #79: A Working-Set Approach to Reduce the Download-Execution
Time of Mobile Programs. Authors: Tsutomu Gamou

Paper #89: A New Document Placement Scheme for Cooperative Caching on
the Internet. Authors: Lakshmish Ramaswamy, Ling Liu

Paper #91: Practical Approach for Zero Downtime in an Operational Information System. Authors: Ada Gavrilovska, Karsten
Schwan, Van Oleson 

Paper #94: Conditional Messaging: Extending Reliable Messaging with
Application Conditions Authors: Stefan Tai, Thomas Mikalsen, Isabelle
Rouvellou, Stanley M. Sutton Jr. 

Paper #96: OS Support for P2P Programming: a Case for TPS. Authors:
Sebastien Baehni, Patrick Th. Eugster, Rachid Guerraoui

Paper #99: Group-Based Management of Distributed File Caches.
Authors: Ahmed Amer, Darrell D. E. Long, and Randal C. Burns

Paper #103: Efficient Search in Peer-to-Peer Networks. Authors:
Beverly Yang, Hector Garcia-Molina 

Paper #104: An Extensible and Scalable Content Adaptation Pipeline
Architecture to Support Heterogeneous Clients. Authors: Thomas Phan,
George Zorpas, and Rajive Bagrodia 

Paper #105: AdaptLoad: effective balancing in clustered web servers
under transient load conditions Authors: Alma Riska, Wei Sun, Evgenia
Smirni, Gianfranco Ciardo 

Paper #106: Towards a Distributed Platform for Resource-Constrained
Devices. Authors: Alan Messer, Ira Greenberg, Philippe Bernadat,
Dejan Milojicic, Deqing Chen, T.J. Giuli, Xiaohui Gu

Paper #107: Timestamping Messages in Synchronous Computations.
Authors: Vijay K. Garg and Chakarat Skawratananond

Paper #125: Bidding for storage space in a peer-to-peer data
preservation system. Authors: Brian F. Cooper and Hector

Paper #136: Routing Through the Mist: Privacy Preserving Communication
in Ubiquitous Computing Environments. Authors: Jalal Al-Muhtadi, Roy
Campbell, Apu Kapadia, M. Dennis Mickunas and Seung Yi

Paper #137: Reasoning about Joint Administration of Access Policies
for Coalition Resources. Authors: Himanshu Khurana, Virgil Gligor,
and John Linn 

Paper #139: Reclaiming Space from Duplicate Files in a Serverless
Distributed File System Authors: John R. Douceur, Atul Adya, William
J. Bolosky, Dan Simon, Marvin Theimer 

Paper #140: Routing Indices For Peer-to-Peer Systems. Authors: Arturo
Crespo and Hector Garcia-Molina 

Paper #148: The Totem Redundant Ring Protocol. Authors: R. R. Koch
L. E. Moser P. M. Melliar-Smith 

Paper #159: Version Stamps --- Decentralized Version Vectors.
Authors: Paulo Sérgio Almeida Carlos Baquero Victor Fonte

Paper #179: Dynamic Data Broadcasting with Traffic Awareness.
Authors: Chih-Lin Hu and Ming-Syan Chen 

Paper #181: A Self-stabilizing Protocol for Pipelined PIF. Authors:
Daisuke Kondou, Hideo Masuda, Toshimitsu Masuzawa

Paper #184: Incremental Replication for Mobility Support in OBIWAN.
Authors: Luís Veiga, Paulo Ferreira 

Paper #187: Formally Verified Byzantine Agreement in Presence of Link
Faults. Authors: Ulrich Schmid, Bettina Weiss, John Rushby

Paper #198: Query Optimization to Meet Performance Targets for Wide
Area Applications. Authors: Vladimir Zadorozhny Louiqa Raschid

Paper #201: From Total Order to Database Replication. Authors: Yair
Amir and Ciprian Tutu 

Paper #205: Distributing MPEG movies over the Internet using
programmable networks Authors: Dan He, Gilles Muller, Julia L. Lawall

Paper #210: Anthill: a Framework for the Development of Agent-Based
Peer-to-Peer Systems. Authors: Ozalp Babaoglu, Hein Meling, Alberto

Paper #211: Dynamic replica control based on fairly assigned variation
of data with weak consistency for loosely coupled distributed systems.
Authors: Takao Yamashita. 

Paper #225: Clustering Algorithms for Content-Based
Publication-Subscription Systems. Authors: Anton Riabov, Zhen Liu,
Joel L. Wolf, Philip S. Yu and Li Zhang 

Paper #228: A Reliable Multicast Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
Authors: M. Singhal, U of Kentucky. T. Gopalasamy, D. Panda, and
P. Sadayappan, OHio State U. 

Paper #231: ControlWare: A Middleware Architecture for Feedback
Control of Software Performance. Authors: Ronghua Zhang, Chenyang Lu,
Tarek Abdelzaher, John Stankovic 

Paper #233: Adaptive and Virtual Reconfigurations for Effective
Dynamic Resource Allocations in Cluster Systems. Authors: Songqing
Chen, Li Xiao, and Xiaodong Zhang 

Paper #234: Overlook: Scalable Name Service on an Overlay Network.
Authors: Marvin Theimer and Michael B. Jones 

Paper #237: Dynamic Behaviour of the Distributed Tree Quorum
Algorithm. Authors: Nedal Kafri, Jan Janecek

Paper #246: Balancing Performance, Energy Conservation, and
Application Quality in Pervasive. Computing Authors: Jason Flinn,
SoYoung Park, and M. Satyanarayanan 

Paper #248: Scalable And Efficient Update Dissemination for
Interactive Distributed Applications. Authors: Tianying Chang,George
Popescu, Chris Codella 

Paper #252: On Peer-to-Peer Media Streaming. Authors: Dongyan Xu,
M. Hefeeda, S. Hambrusch, B. Bhargava 

Paper #259: Process Migration: A Generalized Approach using a
Virtualizing Operating System Authors: Tom Boyd and Partha Dasgupta

Paper #261: Fast Disk Paxos. Authors: Burkhard Englert and Eli Gafni

Paper #262: Unification of Replication and Transaction Processing in
Three-Tier Architectures Authors: W. Zhao, L. E. Moser and P. M.

Paper #274: Design of a Policy-Driven Middleware for Secure
Distributed Collaboration. Authors: Anand R. Tripathi, Tanvir Ahmed,
Richa Kumar, and Shremattie Jaman 

Paper #275: Geometric Spanners for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. Authors:
Yu Wang and Xiang-Yang Li 

Paper #280: Snap-Stabilizing PIF Algorithm in Arbitrary Networks.
Authors: A. Cournier, AK. Datta, F. Petit, and V.

Paper #290: Power-Aware Prefetch in Mobile Environments. Authors:
Liangzhong Yin, Guohong Cao, Chita Das, Ajeesh Ashraf

Paper #294: dRBAC: Distributed Role-based Access Control for Dynamic
Coalition Environments. Authors: Eric Freudenthal, Tracy Pesin,
Edward (Woodie) Keenan, Lawrence Port, Vijay Karamcheti

Paper #307: D-Stampede: Distributed Programming System for Ubiquitous
Computing. Authors: Sameer Adhikari, Arnab Paul, Umakishore

Paper #308: Stabilizing Dining Philosophers with Optimal Crash Failure
Locality. Authors: Mikhail Nesterenko and Anish Arora

Paper #322: Complexity of Adding Failsafe Fault-Tolerance. Authors:
Sandeep S. Kulkarni and Ali Ebnenasir 

Paper #327: Dynamic QoS-aware Multimedia Service Configuration in
Ubiquitous Computing Environments. Authors: Xiaohui Gu, Klara

Paper #331: Sniffing SYN Flooding Sources. Authors: Haining Wang
Danlu Zhang Kang G. Shin 

Paper #334: Extending RMI to Support Dynamic Reconfiguration of
Distributed Systems. Authors: Xuejun Chen

Paper #350: Cooperative Computing for Distributed Embedded
Systems. Authors: Cristian Borcea, Deepa Iyer, Porlin Kang, Akhilesh
Saxena and Liviu Iftode. 

Paper #351: Towards An Optimal Route Selection Strategy for Anonymous
Communication Protocols Authors: Yong Guan, Xinwen Fu,Riccardo
Bettati, Wei Zhao 

Paper #356: Agent Chaning: An Approach to Dynamic Mobile Agent
Planning Authors: Jin-Wook Baek, Jae-Heung Yeo, Heon-Young Yeom

Paper #360: Distributed Bandwidth Broker for QoS Multicast
Traffic. Authors: Elena Pagani and Gian Paolo Rossi

Paper #362: Convergence Refinement. Authors: Murat Demirbas, Anish


Paper #7: Using Predeclaration for Efficient Read-only Transaction
Processing in Wireless Data Broadcast. Authors: SangKeun Lee, Masaru
Kitsuregawa, Chong-Sun Hwang 

Paper #8: Universal Interaction with Networked Home Appliances.
Authors: Tatsuo Nakajima, Atsushi Hasegawa 

Paper #15: On-Demand Multicasting in Ad-Hoc Networks: Comparing AODV
and ODMRP. Authors: Thomas Kunz and Ed Cheng 

Paper #28: TranSuMA: Non-Blocking Transaction Support for Mobile Agent
Execution. Authors: Stefan Pleisch, Andre Schiper

Paper #51: GDSRPA -- A Cooperative Cache Protocol for CORBA Systems.
Authors: Herry Hamidjadja Zahir Tari 

Paper #114: Data Scheduling in Multiple Channel/Multiple Receiver
Environments for Processing Data Requests with Timing
Constraints. Authors: Guanling Lee, Yi-Ning Pan and Arbee
L.P. Chen. 

Paper #142: Impact of Network Density on Data Aggregation in Wireless
Sensor Networks. Authors: Chalermek Intanagonwiwat, Deborah Estrin,
Ramesh Govindan, and John Heidemann 

Paper #176: On the Performance of Group Key Agreement Protocols.
Authors: Yair Amir, Yongdae Kim, Cristina Nita-Rotaru and Gene Tsudik

Paper #190: Architecture of a Large-scale Location Service. Authors:
Alexander Leonhardi Kurt Rothermel

Paper #206: A Fully Distributed Framework for Cost-sensitive Data
Mining. Authors: Wei Fan, Haixun Wang, Philip S. Yu, and Salvatore
J. Stolfo 

Paper #250: Invariant Consistency: A Mechanism for Inter-process
Ordering in Distributed Shared Memory Systems. Authors: Gurdip Singh

Paper #304: Key Trees and the Security of Multicast Authors: Mohamed
G. Gouda, Chin-Tser Huang, Mootaz El-Nozahy 

Paper #311: A Pluggable Service-to-Service Communication Mechanism for
VNA Architecture. Authors: Jin Nakazawa, Yoshito Tobe, and Hideyuki

Paper #312: Highly Available Internet Services Using Connection
Migration Authors: Florin Sultan, Kiran Srinivasan, Deepa Iyer and
Liviu Iftode 

Paper #355: Design of Adaptive and Reliable Mobile Agent Communication
Protocols. Authors: Jiannong Cao 

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